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ParaFuel Crude Oil Analyzer

ParaFuel™ Crude Oil Analyzer


The ParaFuel™ Crude Oil Analyzers measure key chemical and physical properties rapidly and accurately.
Laboratory or In-Process analyzers reduce lab expenses and increase your ability to control the process.
NIR Process Systems provide for analysis directly in the process steam.
Monitor changing product conditions in real time and adjust as necessary.
With the capability to measure 20 points with a single analyzer, gain knowledge of the whole process.

  • Designed for 24-hour continuousoperation operation in industrial environments
  • Measure up to 20 process points using a single analyzer
  • Probes suitable for any chemistry, high temperatures, and high pressures
  • Self-cleaning design allows for continuous in-process use
  • Automation and communication software with easy integration into existing control systems
  • Fully automated user interface
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Protection against dust, water, hot or cold, as well as classified environments


  • Processes designed with built-in quality
  • Improved control strategy
  • Continuous verification of quality and processes
  • Better data for risk assessment
  • Fast, non-destructive measurement
  • Integrate directly into an existing control system
  • Real-time, automated results on a simple interface
  • Utilize the knowledge of a company with over 37 years’ experience developing and applying NIR analyzers