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ParaFuel Crude Oil Analyzer

ParaFuel™ Analizzatore di petrolio greggio

ParaFuel™ Analizzatore di petrolio greggio

Monitoraggio completo del petrolio greggio

Che si tratti di una raffineria, del midstream o di un'agenzia che applica i regolamenti, misurare le proprietà del petrolio greggio in modo rapido e accurato è fondamentale. Indipendentemente dal settore del petrolio greggio in cui vi trovate, il ParaFuel™ Analyzer consentirà di ottimizzare la qualità, la sicurezza e gli schemi di controllo del processo.

Misurare le proprietà critiche in tempo reale

Con l'analizzatore ParaFuel™, la misurazione accurata di una vasta gamma di prodotti e proprietà del petrolio greggio è facile. Qualunque sia l'esigenza analitica - miscelazione del greggio, gestione della pipeline o convalida della qualità della spedizione - il ParaFuel™ può fare il lavoro. Potete aspettarvi costi bassi, risultati rapidi e requisiti minimi di manutenzione dal sistema online ParaFuel™, indurito dai processi.

Uno strumento versatile per i processi petroliferi

Controlla tutte le tue proprietà chiave in un unico test che richiede solo pochi secondi

  • Una vasta gamma di sonde e celle in-process disponibili per qualsiasi condizione di processo o materiale.
  • Disponibile nelle versioni a canale singolo, otto canali o 20 canali, in modo da poter ottenere il maggior valore di misurazione da un analizzatore.
  • Sono disponibili protocolli di comunicazione di qualsiasi tipo. Se vi state integrando con un vecchio sistema o con un DCS nuovo di zecca, abbiamo le opzioni di integrazione per voi.
  • Ottenere un controllo del processo in tempo reale utilizzando i risultati per regolare i parametri critici del processo.

Realize the Benefits of Real Time Analysis

Perfect for Real-Time Control

Analysis is nondestructive, automated and takes seconds, results sent to your DCS.

  • Crude Blending in real-time to optimize usage of lower cost crudes
  • Monitor Crude Oil grades in real time to manage inventory quality
  • Pipeline Crude testing for insertion and loading quality parameters

Real Time Process Analytics

LT-NIR Process Systems provide the same high-quality measurements as lab analyzers, directly in process. Monitor changing process conditions in real time and adjust as necessary. With the capability to measure 20 points with a single analyzer, gain knowledge of the whole process. Validate quality and performance at all stages—raw materials, intermediaries and final product. Design quality into your system.

Acidity (includes TAN)
API Gravity
Asphaltene Content
Vapor pressure
Asphaltene precipitation
TBP, EBP, & distillation points
Pour point
Aniline point
C/H Ratio
Freeze point
Total Aromatics
Cloud point
Emulsion stability
C# Distribution (C4-C18+)

Reliability in Critical Operations

With a high mean time between failures and the ability to be remotely serviced by Verum’s team of experts, the ParaFuelTM will be a long - lasting part of your process. The system can be placed in hot, cold, dusty, wet or hazardous areas with NEMA or IP enclosures rated to withstand your environment.


The ParaFuel Crude Oil Analyzers measure key chemical and physical properties rapidly and accurately. Laboratory or In-Process analyzers reduce lab expenses and increase your ability to control the process.
LT-NIR Process Systems provide for analysis directly in the process steam. Monitor changing product conditions in real time and adjust as necessary. With the capability to measure 20 points with a single analyzer, gain knowledge of the whole process.

  • Designed for 24-hour continuousoperation in industrial environments
  • Measure up to 20 process points using asingle analyzer
  • Probes suitable for any chemistry, hightemperatures, and high pressures
  • Self-cleaning design allows forcontinuous in-process use
  • Automation and communication softwarewith easy integration into existing controlsystems
  • Fully automated user interface
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Protection against dust, water, hot orcold, as well as classified environments


  • Processes designed with built-in quality
  • Improved control strategy
  • Continuous verification of quality andprocesses
  • Better data for risk assessment
  • Fast, non-destructive measurement
  • Integrate directly into an existing controlsystem
  • Real-time, automated results on a simpleinterface
  • Utilize the knowledge of a company withover 37 years’ experience developingand applying NIR analyzers

Technical Specifications

Analyzer Specifications:

  • Operation: Designed for Manual and Fully Autonomous use
  • Spectral range: 1200 – 2400 nm (other rangesavailable from 400 – 2400 nm)
  • Scanning speed: 2.5 scans per second
  • Measurement modes: Transmittance, Transflectance
  • Data interval: 1nm, 0.75nm, 0.5nm
  • Light geometry: F/2 High Speed Optics, Optimized forminimum specular reflectance and maximal S/N
  • Photometric noise: 10 μAU
  • Wavelength accuracy: 0.01 nm to traceable standard
  • Wavelength repeatability: 0.01 nm
  • Number of channels: up to 20
  • Power: 120V, 7 Amp, 60Hz or 220V, 3.6 Amp, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (basic unit): 12” x 15“ x 13“ (HWD), 30.5cm x 39.7 cm x 34.9 cm (HWD)

I/O Communication

  • Protocols: Modbus RTU (Standard), 4-20mA Module,Modbus TCP, Custom Serial
  • Additional Hardware: Not required for Modbus RTU, 4-20mA comes with supplied channel hardware
  • Additional I/O: Alarms and custom I/O available

Fiber Optics

  • Fiber Type: Ultra Low OH Fused Silica Core, Silica Cladding,
  • Sheathing: 303 Stainless Steel Monocoil
  • Fiber count: 120 (60 transmit, 60 receive)
  • Minimal Bend Radius: 33 mm (multi-bundle)
  • Maximum Temperature: 400  F (200  C) Standard; 575 F (300  C) High Temperature Option (Continuous)


  • Environments: Class I, Div II, Zone2, IP66, othersavailable
  • Material: Stainless Steel or Painted Steel
  • NEMA Rating: 3R to 4X standard
  • Dimensions (vortex model): 30" x 30" x 24" (HWDtypical)
  • Power (vortex model): 120V 60Hz, Inrush 14 amp,Running 3.76 Amp, 8 amp class fuse, 220V available.
  • Dimensions (AC model): 30" x 36" x 24" (HWDtypical)
  • Power (AC model): 120V 60Hz, Inrush 16.42 amp,Running 3.76 Amp, 8 amp class fuse, 220V available.

Probes and Flow Cells

  • Maximum Temperature: 300  F (150  C)
  • Maximum Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Dimensions: 1.3”x1.4”x1.4” (33. x 36.3x 35.6 mm)
  • High Temperature/Pressure Probes and Cells
  • Maximum Temperature: 650  F (350  C)
  • Maximum Pressure: 15,000 PSI

Probe Specifications

  • Fiber Connections: Verum Fiber Ferrule, SMA
  • Process Connections (Threaded): NPT, BSP orStraight (1/4” and larger); InGold 12mm and 25mm
  • Process Connections (Flanged): 150 lb Flange , 350 lbFlange (DIN or ANSI any size), Tri-Clamp
  • Materials: 304SS, 316SS, Hastelloy, Teflon, Custom